About us

we work as developers at information technology department in big hospital at alexandria , Egypt for 10 years , in this period we start to help many doctors to manage thier clinics by smart and simple system and not expencive .

For last 2 years we start to sell our system to many dctors , we start our system by desktop system for doctor and secretary , then we see need from doctors to use the system out of clinic so we make cloud system from one year and it work good , now we plan to lunch app on android and apple store .

we Finished two accellerators First Start Hub it is incubator managed by AUC VENTURE LAB the American University of egypt , we get the prize for 1st place in this incubation .

we also Finished another Great Acceleration Name  TIEC Entrepreneurship Accelerator From Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) it is under the ministry of communication Egypt Authority .